I encountered this very old lady who was made to beg on the streets during the day and approach food patrons at Bugis Junction in the night just to beg for money and sell tissues as she said she has no means of support after her Jalan Besar MP and SSO has rejected her application for aid several times.

She was also told by her MP to be grateful HDB is already renting her a 1 room flat at extremely low prices and that she does not have to sleep in the void deck.

Now, I’m very concerned about the next phase of our Country’s development entering into such scenarios that our old who have toiled all their lives and gave their all to Singapore, ended up aging with no dignity while Temasek and GIC squander away all our reserves in an instant with massive losses declared. Couldn’t these monies have been put to good use by supporting Social Mobility in which the stability of the Country depends?

I was constantly being reminded by Church leaders and PAP Christian Ministers to be glad we’re living in a first world country and have a ‘good’ government but I guess I’ll have to rethink and re evaluate this line of propaganda! http://www.socialistinternational.org/

#from1stworldto3rd #afghanstandardofliving

Cassandra Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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