My opinion is that this has been going on for some time. But while Lee Kuan Yew was alive, they bury it among themselves. But now that he is dead, all bets are off and its in the open. LWL has been increasingly marginalized in the last few years prior to LKY’s death. After the death of the mother. all the assets that their mother put in a trust were administered by her brother Lee Hsien Yang. She was not made a co-executor and I don’t believe she has a much of a voice in the family fortune.

When LKY was in the end stages, he had made known even publicly and I am sure to his daughter LWL (who is a medical doctor after all) that his Advance Directive was Do No Resuscitate. He had made it clear that he does not want to be hooked up to machines and kept alive like a vegetable. He just want to die. But the brother LHL disobeyed this directive and prolong the life of LKY. This must have irked LWL to no end, as the dear father’s wishes were not respected. That the brother would make the father suffer further by dragging out as long as he can and thus having a poor quality of life, must have really pissed her off as a medical doctor and a daughter.

She herself also went against the spirit of the father’s will by continuing to live in Oxley Rise even though the father has clearly said that he wanted the house demolished and the property sold and given to 8 charities. By continuing to live in Oxley, LWL has prevented this from happening (a clause in LKY’s will allows her to do that) and thus 8 charities who could have used the money to immediately benefit thousands of people now have to wait until she moves out.

LKY will plainly says that he and his wife wants to see the house demolished immediately upon his death FIRST. That is his first preference. Or if his daughter wants to live there, she can continue to do so. This is the option. The house is to be demolished immediately after she moves out. Lets face it, LWL is a rich woman (?) and I am sure she has her pick of luxury accommodations to live in. She does not need to live in that old house. LKY added that sentence to give face to her, but his intentions is very clear, and it is to have the house demolished ASAP if possible. And considering the proceeds of the sale was supposed to be given to 8 charities, I am sure the spirit of the will was that he hoped LWL took the hint and moved out. Otherwise, in order to prevent her from being kicked out, she was allowed to stay there.

This is an extremely selfish move by her. I understand from some sources that prior to the elections, she was encouraged strongly to move out by LHL, so that the house can be sold. A media campaign was designed to highlight the 8 charities and how much they benefited from this gift. the PAP was planning to use this goodwill from the sale of Oxley for the what they thought would be a hard fought and narrow elections. When LWL refused to move out, LHL was pissed off, further causing a schism in the relationship between the 2 siblings. LHL thought he might win less then 50% of the popular vote and the sale of Oxley and it subsequent charity donation would have ensured him of some popular votes. In the end, he did not need it as he won comfortably, but the flame of discord was further fanned.

Finally this one year death anniversary propaganda self aggrandizement and hero worship was the last straw for her. And the feud blew into the open. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on it.

A.S.S. Contributor

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