Little girl is missing her daddy so much she does not stop from crying. How fast you can pacify your young ones?

These two little cute kids boarded train from city hall towards Jurong along with her mother and grand father. Little girl was being seen crying profusely while she boarded the train and sat together with mother/grand father. As i can see, she was talking and mentioning her daddy all the time. Kids crying in a train can be most annoying things to anyone. Don’t you agree? Only few kids gets easily pacified by their parents or grand parents quickly.

This little girl Mother started warning the little girl to stop crying. Everyone in the train can see and hear, the warning to the little girl. But that did not stop the little girl to stop crying and still continued to look for her daddy. So cute, she was missing her dad badly who left for work before kids boarded the bus.

Almost 10-12 mins to the journey, it became more annnoying with that little girl still continued WHAAAALLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG with her cry. As warning did not stop the girl from crying, her grand father hinted the mother to twist and pinch the ear or arm of the girl. Wah, at home do that guys where no one sees. The mother followed instruction to pinch her little girl’s ear. But it did more worst to increase the LOUD SPEAKER of the little girl. Everyone saw that. And more worst, her mother did few times to her including pressing her finger on her chin.

No one in the train had courage to get up and say to stop to her mother or help pacify the kid. Yah yah, not my problem why I should be bothered?

In the end, I walk down to them and ask why little girl is crying. Advised them to get down at next stop to the platform and station and pacify her peacefully. Told them that little girls are mostly attached to their daddy and they need someone to pacify peacefully and told them may be give a phone call to her daddy and let her daddy speak to her.

Hot days now a days.

Anonymous Ah Beng
A.S.S. Contributor

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