I was in the first compartment of the train this morning & when it stopped at Tan Kah Kee MRT, there was a group of people waiting for the lift. Behind them was an old lady in wheelchair & 2 SBST staff pushing the wheelchair.

Shocking, but sadly not unexpected, no one saw the need to give way to the old lady in a wheelchair. Never mind that she was profusely wiping sweat off her face (probably not feeling well). I know some may say “wheelchair big fark” but the point is, if u have a pair of legs that work, u can always take the escalator. People in wheelchairs dont have that option!

Even the SBST staff were shaking their heads & gesticulating at those selfish pricks. So if any of u farkers in that lift are reading this post, remember, karma is a b*tch. U better pray u never end up in a wheelchair & if u do, u better pray u are rich enough to be chauffeured around. But seeing u are taking public transport, i doubt your last name is Rich.

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