Notice that the article starts out with LHL’s point of view, with much of the article filled with quotes from LHL’s short five-paragraph response. Curiously, less space is dedicated to his sibling’s longer five-page statement, and ST leaves out some pretty important points of the statement.

ST’s framing of the statement is that it “centres around the long-running dispute over the demolition of their father’s house,” instead of what the statement is really about: concerns with LHL’s alleged misuse of power; the dispute over the house is merely an example that his siblings use to illustrate that point.

The allegation that LHL misused his power and the subsequent elaboration have both been reduced to “the two siblings allege, among others, that since their father Lee Kuan Yew’s death on March 23, 2015, there have been changes in Singapore that do not reflect what the late Mr Lee stood for.” That’s a laughably bad summary of the accusations that he supposedly:

used his position to access the deed of gift for his civil dispute, not for an official government purpose.

and formed a government committee that was biased to take his side and then told the committee what he wanted instead of allowing them to make the decision without knowing his preference.

Similarly, there is no mention of their claim that the PM failed to uphold his agreement to recuse himself from government decisions. Instead, ST leaves in LHL’s own claim that he recused himself.

Screenshot of the article in case it gets altered:

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