I hope the truth will prevail…

Some employers here are not treating there helpers not so well they starved them and badly they don’t pay them in time…to all employers out there pls don’t take helpers if you cannot take care of them,,,they came here to work for you pls treat them as a human… bec. Animals must be treated well what more human,,,even if your helpers is illeterate you should not treat them like a trash,,,

Employers cannot do household chores that’s why you take helpers so pls. Don’t take advantage to bully helpers!

I feel so sorry about this girl she died and wasted her life for some people who do not know what respect is…RIP.

To all families that relied on domestic helpers. Please be reminded that your helpers are human like yourself. They needed reasonable work hours and proper meals. There are many happy families with good relationships and are treating these helpers as part of an extended family member. Keep it up.

To all domestic helpers, please be reminded that you are here to provide assistant to your host families. Do your part, your efforts will be rewarded.

A.S.S. Contributor

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