Grabhitch and RYDE drivers are cheapskate drivers which is why they need to do all these to either make profit or cover cost of their cars so there is no reason for them to be calling passengers cheapskates too just because passengers use it to avoid surge, if they have the ability then please, maintain the car on their own!

I am getting very annoyed with the behavior of these Grabhitch drivers, didn’t they know that because of them, many taxi and private hire car driver’s rice bowl are at sake? So why is there a fuss? 1 booking of 4 pax they don’t want to take, passengers with children below 1.35m say cannot take unless we provide child seat, then why on hell they can have as many as 3 child seats when driving their own kids out? What kind of joke is this? Sometimes, we change destination due to last minute hiccups and also want to adjust the timing a little, these Grabhitch and RYDE drivers refuse to accommodate. Then for what they apply to join Grabhitch and RYDE? Please quit then.

Please kindly share this, these Grabhitch and RYDE drivers must really think twice before acting, they are using us passengers to their full advantage and not serving us well, we as passengers, of course are very irritated by such selfish and inconsiderate behavior of these cheapskate drivers.

If they can afford a car, then please do not do Grabhitch asking for passenger to reimburse your fuel and costs, get it?

A.S.S. Contributor

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