Dear A.S.S. Editor

With regards to your earlier posting titled “COMPANY FORCES WORKERS ABOVE 60 TO TAKE MASSIVE PAYCUT, WORK 3 TIMES A WEEK OR LOSE RETIREMENT PACKAGE”, I wish to say that while I do not know the exact situation of Ms Amy Lau and her company, I would like to confirm that such is occurring at my current workplace which is a Malaysian owned laboratory at the east side of Singapore.

The reason I’m penning this down is due to the fact of the existence of trolls like “Lee Limsim” and “Idaly Makmark” who goes around casting doubts about the genuinity of Social Media and more so, on the plight of ordinary and suffering blue collared workers. In my company, the HR is a Malaysian one who discriminates against locals but subtly so under the guise of cost effectiveness when our boss lost millions in investments last year under the advice of these same clowns who have not paid our 13th month bonus for the last few consecutive years!

I can accept the arguments of those who say we should be ‘grateful’ we still have a job but I would also like to ask if its workers’ fault when our bosses gamble and lose. This is the scenario for our lab! Instead of paying their dues on time, they rather gamble away past profits on risky investments and expansion projects but we workers are the ones who will have to ultimately bear the brunt of these massive losses. Have you ever thought of this before you spew your nonsense PAP trolls? You would cry too if it happens to you!

I would like to add that terrorism only occurs when people feel threatened about their livelihoods and suppressed by the autocrats, do you witness terrorism in welfare states like Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Kuwait and Qatar? Think about it, it is only when people start thinking for themselves that a government begins to fear so says the late LKY!

Said Hamid Albar

A.S.S. Contributor

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