I just received the Notice from the Malaysian High Court that the Pre Trial Hearing for the EPS Challenge in Malaysia is fixed on 5th July 2017. I will attend the hearing with Malaysian lawyer Selva Barathy to obtain the relevant court directions to hear the case.

I have decided to just focus on the EPS challenge for now in london, Singapore and Malaysia all of which has huge implications to Singapore as I have tried my level best to explain and elucidate in all my fb posts and live broadcasts.

i estimate the potential total cost orders against me in the event I lose in Singapore will be in the range of $100,000. These are the costs the government is likely to recoup against me as I have taken out a few related applications which are crucial to the main case.I estimate the cost orders if I lose in UK and or Malaysia and including further travel expenses to be in the range of $40,000 Including the current travel cost to london as listed below, the toatal estimated costs will be $150,000

I must be clear about the costs and implications before us in this battle. It is our constitutional rights which are at stake.

The travel costs are estimated to be in the region

Flight to London : $1135 x 2 = 2270

Accomodation : 3060 x 2 = 6120
( $306 per night per room)

Total : $8390

The above breakdown is for flight and 10 days accommodation for 2 persons in London ..I will be asking for an urgent date.

Filing fees in London, Malaysia and Singapore is estimated at $2000.

If we win the application in London and Malaysia, the opposing parties are entitled to appeal to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and Federal Court respectively. In UK, I am prepared to go right up to the European Court of Human Rights to appeal to defend our constitutional rights against any adverse decision in London High Court. Im not using Paypal for certain technical reasons which i would not like to discuss here and I don’t want to delay this further.

Here are the account details. Look forward to your support. I have never done this before!

Bank Name: OCBC
Name under which the Account is owned: LF L F Violet Netto
Account Number: 652-805730-001
Bank Code: 7339
Branch Code: 652
Type of account : current account

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