I am a working adult looking for a Malay tutor for work/personal interest online. I have gotten a few tuition agencies (including to quote me as I was unsure about the market rates as most of their price list given was for students. I was contacted by this private tuition agency and he understood what I was looking for.

He suggested me a tutor with her qualifications and details. Being honest, I told him that I got other agencies to quote me as well and get back to him once I’ve decided. He asked if I am trying to get the cheapest and I said “yes” which may be I shouldn’t have (well, I was being honest right? I know $35/hour is not a lot of money. But who would want to just pay any price without knowing the market rates?)

He replied “You want to learn for free? Learn from malay friend lah. Zzz don’t even need to pay.” I was shocked by his replies. He did not even ask for my budget? What makes him think that I want it for free? What makes him think that I will/will not choose his agency? Coming from a home tuition agency, his unprofessionalism disgusted me.

Will you still send your child to this tuition agency? If his standard is so low, I doubt you should get a tutor from there for you/your child. And also, parents out there.. Do you just stick to one agency to get a tutor or you will engage a few? Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

*Noted that his number is the same contact on his website. Not sure if he is the owner and that’s why he can be so c*cky or just being desperate to get new customers.

Angry Student
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