Just a story i want to share in this holy month that i experience today. Today at work a colleague of mine Ali who is a bangladeshi citizen reminded me something that i left and forgotten upon the must of doing prayer as a muslim!! And i can’t even remember when the last i did my prayer? This brother of mine, from day 1 i entered this company will always ask me to do prayer with him but i always will give him reason later i do.

Everyday, without fail he will ask me. So earlier on today, in the yard when we are waiting for our Load Testing Job . I was sitting down waiting for the surveyor to come on board. While waiting i guess he saw the look at my face that i was abit tired as it is just my fewdays working here and getting used to the numbers back to back jobs.

And he also asked me? “Abang how come i see your face like got problem and your face like not enough sleep? I said i’m okay la no worries. Just tired abit. He say abang you got problem you go and pray to allah and ask him to help you and talk to him. I was like how i even wanna pray as i’m in the shipyard now and attending to a job on a drilling rig? Our test gonna start soon.

Than he say this to me” Abang you go solat first there is a small musolah just 20mins walk from here. You go do first its okay abang i can do the job alone. He say nevermind about him.. You late do testing nevermind i cover you dont worry , i know work is important but you forget abang prayer is much more important than your work. You ask him for good health so you can continue working. Go and tell him your problem…

It just hit me right there. Sometimes we are too busy with work and our life . We could not spare just 5 min of our time for him. Im sharing this story not to boast about i did my prayer , im sharing this cause i never knew that there is still someone out there that you barely know constantly reminding you. That you must not forget to do your prayer even if you are busy cause living on this earth is just temporary and god dont look at how much you earn in month or how much money you have? It how much good deeds you do in this world.

Even if i didnt puasa he still encourage me saying its okay abang tomorrow you puasa abang insyallah. Thank you Ali (Kadang-kadang kenapa orang-orang macam diaorg walaupun gaji tak seberape masih boleh hidup bahagia dan kerja sungguh-sungguh? Pasal diaorg berterima kasih dengan tuhan dan selalu bersyukur. Diaorg yakin dan percaya apa tuhan bagi diaorg memang terbaik utk diaorg…. Kita tuhan kasik lebih tak pernah berterima kasih jangan ckp solat nak cakap alhamdullilah pun kadang2 tak ingat?! Malahan kita mintak lebih lagi tapi jumpa dia time solat taknak?!! Tapi bukan semua lah. Contohnya aku laa Selamat berpuasa!!!)

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