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A Filipino maid have been sentenced to 9 months in jail here for receiving stolen cash from her online boyfriend. She had received a total of $132,121.50 on Jan 2, 2014, which was deposited into her bank account that she opened with BNP Paribas at the behest of her online boyfriend.

Shirley Navarrete Nalangan, 52, found it odd that her online boyfriend asked if she could receive some money in her bank account, which was supposedly for payments to a financing company.. when she prompted further, the boyfriend could not provide her with the name of the firm and failed to give a satisfactory explanation of why the cash had to be transferred through her. Reports suggested that the boyfriend goes by the name Albert Analdez, and was supposedly from Kentucky in the USA.

Even though she felt odd by the request, she still carried out what was asked of her. Investigations revealed the money had been transferred out of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce account of Mr Fahmi El Hosseny, in Canadian currency, after the bank received an e-mail purportedly from him. Mr El Hosseny confirmed his e-mail account had been compromised. All the money taken from Mr El Hosseny will be remitted back to him.

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