Just to let you know that I spotted a crocodile basking by the bank of Sungei Sembawang @Blk 469B last evening. I used to see foreign workers wadding on the canal at the belly-deep end, and this discovery could turn out to be a nasty future incident.

You know, our area has matured mangrove although they are not on very large area -so this is good for nature. My wife told me that another uncle told her he saw a crocodile a few months ago -so I think this medium size one is not a short term stray.

You may also see a zoom-in from my mobile, that showed that the reptile is a crocodile and not a monitor lizard. Please let the boatman who is covering that area to take note.

This canal is brackish at one end, and slow moving fresh water at the other end with lots of shades and plenty of large fish. A good resort for homeless crocodiles hoping to have a free and undisturbed stay.

Unsafe but don’t cull ok!

A.S.S. Contributor

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