I came across a news snippet while having a multi-racial Iftar with friends who have become concerned about a government “crackdown” online funding as most of the recipients are from the Muslim community.

It’s not as if our social mobility is “excellent” with the severe lack of policies and an unofficial poverty line of $2000 in a supposedly first world country that we need more clamp downs on even the liberty to help others!

I for one, do not think I need a government to sniff through what I read to decide whether to give or not. This is my prerogative and not for any parties to judge! If the government really fears “misrepresentation” as they claimed, then I should say they’re a failure since there’s already so many laws criminalizing libel and cheating.

What they’re truly afraid of is, more and more such cases in the open which expose the MSF & MCCY Ministers’ inability to tackle social problems that falls through the various cracks! Such scenarios will only prove more difficult to justify for excessive wastage of public funds which are lost in their billions to flawed investments, projects and Ministerial salaries.

Come to think of it, I will bring up during my Church’s AGM on where my tithe and offerings are going to, as it appears to me that there’s so many Christian social services yet the number of needy does not seem to tally those helped?

The present situation will only improve if Singaporeans stop denying there’s a real social problem and start empathizing with others who are less well off than us. True graciousness does not make the worst of peoples but brings out their best!

In fact, my cell group members and I have begun looking at a case of a young man who is disowned by his family and facing possible homelessness after losing his elderly parent’s savings to HDB & IRAS (Ref: HDB17035768 [SALES]) when he could not afford to pay the balance upon early completion of the flat. We don’t wait for a government which may or may not help: &

Corrine Chia
A.S.S. Contributor

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