A netizen shared this poll image taken from a survey, which asked whether the Argentinian football team can win with a 2-3-4-1 formation on the field.

The options given to poll takers were:

1 – Yes, but only against a poor side like Singapore
2 – Definitely, it’s the way forward!
3 – No chance

68% of British poll takers selected the first option, which is a result that looks more like a slap in the face for the Singapore team and its dismal track record.

Singaporean netizens were not surprised, with many denigrating Singaporean players, coaches and the government for the sorry state of affairs.

Netizen Joie wrote: “Waiting for the PAP management team to come out with statistic to show the growing standard of local soccer. The stats will show improvement in all areas expect practical results.”

Someone pointed out that there was a bright side to the whole affair.

“At least they know the existence of Singapore,” he wrote.

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