Dear A.S.S. Editor

The idea that the stalls at the Geylang Bazaar are rented out for a mammoth sum of $17,000 for the month is just staggering! How to expect the stall vendors to be making money during the one month itself? It just seems that this is an exercise for the landlords to be making money renting out these stalls, while the vendors struggle to recoup any money at all.

Many vendors in the Geylang Bazaar have voiced their concerns about the sustainability of the festive event, held in conjunction with the month of Ramadan. Some familiar faces at the bazaar in the past years have decided to sit out this year’s event, afraid that they will be unable to recoup the rental prices. Some are even complaining that after almost half the month of Ramadan gone, their stalls have not even covered half of their rental fees.

Such a high rental cost is an example of why retail business is dying in Singapore. There must be a rental limit to bazaar stalls. $17k a month rental is ridiculous for just 1 month of business. This rental cost forces the stallholders to resort to illegal workers, bad food, bad merchandise, forceful selling, and long hours of operation. It is unhealthy to businesses and customers to treat this bazaar as pure commercial venture and forget the reason of this bazaar existence. Keeping rental reasonable makes businesses fight over quality, pricing, service. Make the bazaar a success to celebrate the fasting month.

Azlan Halim

A.S.S. Contributor

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