Internet trolls SMRT Feedback Ltd have released shockingly intimate details about 22 year-old Syaikhah Izzah Zahrah Al Ansari, who besides being a minah fairing jambu and the first radicalized female citizen in Singapore to be detained, was revealed to be the daughter of 2 freelance religious teachers. 
In a report published on Observer.news, SMRT Feedback revealed that both her parents are not certified under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS), which is a compulsory certification program launched on 1 January this year to enhance the standing of religious teachers. The ARS serves as a reliable reference for Singapore Muslims looking for religious teachers.
The report says  her parents realized Izzah had posted radical material and had intentions to join ISIS in 2015, but tried to dissuade her from the path to extremism on their own. They did not alert the authorities even after they were unsuccessful. When she was placed under investigations, a family member even tried to destroy evidence of her desire to join ISIS in an attempt to absolve her of guilt.
SMRT Feedback also revealed that the Izzah used to work as an infant care assistant at the PCF childcare center located at Tampines Street 32, near where she lives with her parents and two sisters. However, they added that she had no "alone" time with the kids she was taking care of. She had also worked as a marketing admin coordinator for SLP International Property Consultants (2014-2015), an admin assistant for Toa Corporation (2013-2014), and a temporary admin assistant for Goodpack Limited (2013-2014) prior to joining PCF childcare.
No one knows how SMRT Feedback managed to gather so many intimate details about Izzah. Looking at the internet troll's previous battle history with Xiaxue and other internet personalities, we can only sit back and grab some popcorn.

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