I found a series of Obikes with wrangled saddles and twisted handle bars and broken pedals along Eu Tong Seng road and Hill Street yesterday in what appears to be an act of vandalism and mischief.

Has anyone been prosecuted for bike vandalism? The government has been actively confiscating improperly parked bikes and collecting fines from bike sharing companies, but the same could not be said of the efforts to prosecute bike vandals. I have yet to read anyone being prosecuted despite circulation of videos showing youngsters destroying these bikes.

Are the ubiquitous police and LTA CCTVs installed for decoration? Does this
show that the Singapore Police Force is short of manpower to maintain law and
order? Or is it the case of priority going wrong, with disproportionate
amount of police manpower spent investigating a letter cursing our Ministers
for Sungei Road market closure. Wishing someone go to hell and threatening to
kill someone is two different thing. I could be wrong, but from what was
disclosed by the mainstream media on the letter’s content, it seems to be the
former rather than the latter.

In the case of the kid slamming an Ofo bike and stomping on it, we have video
evidence with someone identifying him online in

Why is there no news of any police investigation? I remember Michael Fay got
canned for vandalizing a few cars many years ago. Is our SPF prioritizing its
limited resources properly? Why do we have so much police action on words
spoken and letters written by people and yet so little action on actual
physical harm to person or damage to property.

I would rather the SPF spend more effort on solving crimes than policing
people’s thoughts. What do you think?

Angry Obike User
A.S.S. Contributr

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