Went to the cinema last night to catch The Mummy at 10pm.

There was actually a family that walked in later with a 3-4 yr old boy in tow and an infant!! This is an action packed movie where the sound effect is really loud. Not a minute into the movie and the baby starts wailing. I was not at all surprised considering the loud sound effect. The parents tried to pacify the baby and when its apparent the baby wont stop crying, the father had to bring the baby out.

First 5 mins of the movie ruined cos it was very disruptive. Its 10pm and I am sure its past his bedtime. He was also cranky and start asking his mum endless questions and his mum did not make any effort to ask him to stay quiet. My question is what are these people doing bringing toddlers and infants into cinemas watching these genre of movies when it is clearly not suitable for them and so late at night as well!!

Why would I want to pay for a ticket when i have to put up with people who are so inconsiderate? And this is not the first time I encountered parents bringing toddlers and infants into cinema. Its understandable if they bring these age range to watch kids movies or cartoons. I am sure the usher by looking at the tickets, knew what movie these people are watching, can’t they explain that it is not advisable to bring babies and toddlers for these kind of movies?

When my husband went out to highlight about the baby to the usher, she gave a baffled look and wish she dont have to handle these situation. I am not sure if GV or Cathay has a floor manager at night but I think they should have someone senior around to handle such situations or difficult customers who refuse to listen to the ushers.

GV and Cathay need to implement some ground rules on these issues. I pay to watch my movies in the cinemas to get the cinema/theater experience and not to hear toddler crying and babies wailing!! It is already bad enough with people using their mobile phones in the cinema rampantly. I am very sure the world will not come to an end if you stop looking at your phone for 2 hours!!

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