I wish to inform you and all readers of the uselessness of MOM’s rehiring policies for the elderly aged 60 and above as most companies have already moved far ahead to circumvent this piece of legislation to make our unemployment rates look better on track record.

I turn 60 next year and my company’s HR which HOD is a foreigner has already announced that all Singaporeans aged 60 and above ‘voluntarily’ accept a 3 day work week with reduced salaries as precondition for ‘reemployment’, failing which we will be made to go without any retrenchment packages.

With cost of living at all time high and subsidies reduced for medical and dental treatment in the privatized restructured hospitals, how are we going to survive with a 3 day work week salary of about $700 a month? When I went to see my Aljunied MP about this, to his credit, he said raising any issues in Parliament following the weak showing of the Opposition at the last GE has made their voices much diminished which is what is going to happen to Theresa May when she starts bargaining with the EU on an exit package next week.

My point is not barrage or blame Singaporeans for their choice but to urge all stakeholders who still love and see a ray of hope in this country to start reaching out to your loved ones and neighborhood and start “educating” them once again, on the importance of their votes as all parents ultimately love their children and do not want them to suffer pitting against foreigners in an uneven playing field and having the necessities of life being out of reach. We are fast returning to a situation of pre-GE 2011 after the PAP got a controversial strong showing at GE 2015 where we are going to witness unprecedented levels of unemployment, family break-ups, divorces and bankruptcies until 2020!

We can start by getting people to read and or bringing it to them if they are not IT savvy. Remember, change begins not by complaining but by actively changing our attitudes towards greed and the oppression of workers: &


Amy Lau
A.S.S. Contributor

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