Hi admim,

To start, My name is Von, A foreign worker who has been here in singapore for almost 6 years. Me and my wife are both working here to support our daughter’s school and needs which she happens also to be schooling here at a secondary school. My wife just gave birth to our new baby boy and she is now on a stage of what they call “POSTPARTUM” -a stage where a mother becomes paranoid,emotional and not so mentally stable..

One day, a guy named Sankar Mohd send us a message on facebook which we had ( I specifically) no idea about. A message contains accusations of Me having a 3rd party and so on and so forth.. This message I fear that could really affect our relationship as a family and so I decided to confront Him.. As a standard person, of course, initial reaction will be mad, curious and furious.. but after realising that the cursing online wouldn’t go anywhere, i decided to ride along and see what this guy is up to. Im trying to set up a trap and meet this guy in person pretending I am the wife He is talking to. But Mr. Sankar Mohd just left us hanging with all this accusations and un settled. I can see that what happens caused us alarm on our family and so I wanted to clear things out specially that my wife is on a stage of mental unstableness.

I’m not saying that Im a perfect guy or husband who is far beyond his accusations. But as a foreigner, we do respect Singapore, Singaporeans, and all people living in this community. We follow the laws, and respect each other traditions and cultures to be able to live in a peaceful community with harmony.. and I believe on every Law of God, no matter the Religion or race is, it is highly wrong to commit adultery. And as a Father of two, i am more than happy and satisfied with what I have! A simple family, healthy kids and a very loving wife.

Now, i dont want to create a scene or mess with anyone. I would only like to meet this guy, talk, clarify and just settle things man to man. I have been advised to make a police report but I didn’t want to get that far first. So im reaching out to this community to let this Mr. Sankar Mohd knows. That we are looking for Him. Or anyone here reading knows his whereabouts and the damage he has caused my family. Me, my wife, are willing to meet him, listen to the story he tells. Present his evidence, sort things out, finish this non sense and stop this at once. If things went south, then I am prepared to settle this at the court. I hope that this message reach him by means of this Page’s connections. Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

Von Lester Plata
A.S.S. Contributor

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