A member of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators, who claims he encountered the ghost of a murdered woman in Bukit Batok Nature Park has gained so much fame, he has even been featured in a video interview on the BIO channel.
28 year-old Mohd Ariffin, who is a public servant, had received a tip off from a jogger, Cynthia Jonell Soh, who jogs regularly in the park. She said she heard someone crying during her regular jog. Although she searched, she did not find anyone and began to feel uneasy about the sound that continued despite there being no one in sight.
Cynthia brought Ariffin to the scene, where Ariffin's research revealed that the ghost might be that of  a woman who was raped and murdered at the park. Almost 17 years ago, 27 year-old female executive Linda Chua was jogging at the Bukit Batok Nature Park around 10AM when she was attacked. A passer-by heard her cries for help and called an ambulance. Linda Chua was found lying in a 10-metre ravine naked, with a bloodied nose and mouth, and her clothes next to her. She died from her injuries in hospital a week later.
When Ariffin visited the scene, he said he felt an unnatural coldness enveloping his body. He asked if anyone was there and whether they would show themselves, he suddenly saw a white apparition standing in a patch of grass in front of him.
Ariffin asked the apparition if it was the ghost of the woman who was murdered, but claimed that the ghost did not reply. It dashed through the forested area and stopped at the top of the nature trail, where it grew in size before dissipating into thin air.
Watch his video interview here.

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