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So the government admitted that it is not possible for the authorities to go through ad vet every reading material they purchase before making them available for loan at the Libraries. This come in the wake of the concerns over copies of the Malay-language series – Agama, Tamadun Dan Arkeologi (Religion, Civilisation And Archaeology) – which were available in libraries since 2013, and placed in the junior non-fiction section.

The series of books apparently depicted Jews in a negative light and seemed to legitimize the use of violence in the name of Islam. But Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said that the authorities will learn from this episode, The books have since been removed, and Min Yaacob also stated that the NLB had done their due diligence and its very best in this episode. The nature of the books only came to light this year after a twiter user shard photos of them over the weekend.

NLB has been asked to review its vetting process for potentially divisive and sensitive materials.

Johnny Boon

A.S.S. Contributor

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