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Ever heard of drink driving, but this time the driver was actually a SBS Transit bus driver, driving a public bus service? This was what actually happened on June 29 last year.

SBS Transit bus driver Nagibullah Raja Saleem was so drunk he nodded off at the wheel, missed bus stops, and even veered his bus into oncoming traffic, almost crashing into several vehicles. Some of his passengers shouted at him, but he brushed them off. To add insult to injury, he even drank vodka from a bottle during the journey, having had alcohol before his shift began. He was so drunk that five hours after he stopped driving, his alcohol levels were still 2.4 times above the legal limit.

Footage of his drunk driving revealed that he drove recklessly by beating several red lights, occasionally dozing off at the wheel, swerved into other lanes or the road shoulder, and missed designated bus stops more than once, at one point allowing passengers to alight near a kerb along a bend on the road, rather than the bus stop.

It was a miracle that this drunk bus driver did not cause any accidents, and none of his passengers were injured during his erratic shift. The fact that he even managed to get behind the wheels of the public bus service is also a miracle in itself. Did none of his bus driver colleagues noticed he was dead drunk?

Derrick Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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