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The man who became the first person arrested this year for leaving his luggage bag unattended at an MRT station, have been fined the maximum $1,000 for causing annoyance to the public. Construction worker Wang Jianpo, a 39 year old Chinese national, pleaded guilty to the offence on Friday.

Wang, who is a construction worker, had been working in Singapore for at least five years, triggered the security alert on 2 April after he left a blue luggage bag unattended at the far end of the train platform at Hougang MRT station. The court understands that the luggage was collected from his friend at Buangkok Crescent earlier that day before he headed for Hougang MRT station. For some reason, Wang decided to leave the luggage bag behind while he went to Chinatown to run some errands. The luggage was eventually found to contain only household items.

The security alert prompted the Hougang MRT station to be closed for about 85 minutes. Wang returned to the station to collect his luggage after he had run his errands. This was when he was arrested. No reason was given as to why he decided to leave his luggage behind. Wang managed to pay his fine in full.

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