The accusations of fraud against Ms Vivian Pan, founder of a community help group Single Parents Support Group (SPSG), are false, Ms Pan told reporters in an interview with alternative media.

This follows an online controversy over Ms Pan’s efforts to raise $1 donations for a single mother, who was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.

The post had gone viral with Singaporeans stepping up generously to donate their $1 to Ms Pan in the hopes that the cancer stricken single mother could tide her family through the difficult times. By the time she had transferred the money to the cancer stricken mother, she had accumulated a 5 digit amount of money.

However, some netizens and donors became suspicious after donations of groceries were rejected. One netizen, Jazz, accused Ms Pan of organizing a donations scam.

After the incident, Ms Pan told reporters that she was disappointed that she was cast as a cheater in the media without anyone approaching her to clarify.

She said she has known the cancer stricken mother for 4 years on Facebook and paid the woman a visit on 30th May after she received a request for $40 cash in exchange for 3 milo tins. What she found was a cramped and unkempt house full of stuff because no one had the time or energy to do the chores.

She clarifies that she had to reject groceries because of the condition of the single mother’s flat.

Ms Pan has since uploaded her bank statement and transferred the funds collected to the single mother in front of police officers yesterday.

“Everything is transparent now. I don’t mind showing the police everything weekly to prove my innocence. I make sure my Facebook is active, despite receiving disheartened remarks every once in a while.” She told reporters.

Despite her ordeal, Pan is upbeat and will continue to help single parents. She joked that she is now famous and more single parents want to be helped by her and her organization. She says she will focus on job matching, counselling and befriending single parents from now on.

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