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Yet another case of a stupid man leaving his bag unattended in a public place. This time, it happened on Wednesday at Admiralty MRT Station, where the 34 year old man left his luggage bag unattended, while he went to make a purchase at a convenience store.

According to police reports, they were alerted to the case at 8:45am, where they found the unattended luggage bag at the MRT bicycle bay. The luggage bag contained personal items like clothing, medication and toiletries. The police officers at the scene traced the owner of the luggage bag and arrested him at the station. Police are still investigating the case.

This is the third time in three months that police had made arrests for similar offences. Did this man not read the news? And which person would just willingly leave his belongings behind while he go and make a purchase, without someone looking over it?

Jeremy Chong

A.S.S. Contributor

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