A McDonald’s customer was upset when she bought 2 packets of apple slices for her children… only to discover that these apple slices had expired since the previous day.

According to the netizen, the netizen visited a McDonald’s branch today to order her meal.

The apple slices had come as part of a 4 piece Chicken McNugget meal. She ordered 2 of the meals, but was sorely disappointed and shocked to receive apple slices which had obviously expired yesterday.

She wrote to warn others about this kind of careless food handling and attached the images of her purchase online.

She said: “I call McDonald’s and the manager Jessica can happily tell me her colleague noticed the Apple slices was expired at 11am today and they discard the entire box. But when I question them if they discard at 11am. How come I am able to get the expired Apple slices at 1155am? It does not make sense.”

“The manager continued to lie and said that her colleague put aside the two Apple slices & gave out to me by Mistake.

“When I told her she was the one who did the packing for me and why she did not check. She quickly apologise and attempt to brush me off by offering to deliver 2 packets of fresh Apple slices as replacement. I did point out to her that it would be dangerous if it was given to a child.

“She will be delivery the 2 packets of Apple slices to me in 30 mins. I have yet to file a report to NEA but do have the intentions to bring this matter to them”

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