TV actor Julian Hee, who was “knocked out cold” yesterday during a dispute at Block 51 near the Old Airport Road hawker center, has been accused of making the first move during the fight, a charge he vehemently denies.

The former actor, 39, described in a Facebook post of how his car had been hit by another driver, who opened his car door with too much force. The two drivers got into an argument over the possible damages caused to Julian’s car, and the men ended up in a fight.

An eye witness claims Julian had grabbed onto the clothes of the other driver, but Julian denies this, stating that he had grabbed onto the man’s clothes in an effort to push him away.

When Julian regained consciousness, he searched for the other driver, who he saw walking nonchalantly out of the hawker center after his meal.

According to doctors, Julian suffered a concussion and bleeding in head, which would require him to undergo surgery and rest for 3 months.

He is demanding an apology and medical compensation from the other driver, failing which he would consider taking the case before the courts.

This is not the first time Julian has been involved in a road rage incident. In June 2013, Julian had allegedly gotten into a driving spat with an elderly ex-principal. Julian had allegedly gotten out of his vehicle, “flexed his muscles” at the elderly man, before plucking the man’s spectacles off his face and throwing it on the ground. When the ex-principal picked them up to wear them again, Julian repeated his boorish actions.

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