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Have Singapore’s football fans been cheated? All these while, the fans have been sold in on the idea that the Singapore Argentina friendly at the National Stadium on June 13 will feature arguably the world’s best player right now, Lionel Messi. Reports even showed that he traveled with the Argentinian side to Australia for an international friendly with Brazil.

So it makes sense that he will come here for the even “bigger” friendly with Singapore, right? But it seems like the Argentinian media are reporting that Messi will be leaving the Argentina squad immediately after the Brazil match. According to the report, Messi will leave to prepare for hos wedding with the mother of his two children. The wedding is supposed to take place on 30 June, and Messi, naturally, wants time to prepare for his wedding, as well as be by his family, than facing Singapore in a friendly no one outside Singapore will care or remember.

The Football Association of Argentina or the FAS have not issued any statements regarding Messi’s appearance, but so far, ticket sales are on the basis that the world’s best player will be strutting his stuff on our National Stadium Turf. The friendly is 5 days away. Surely confirmation for the situation can be announced now?

Rizal Sidek

A.S.S. Contributor

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