I was formerly a christian at this hope church until I left last month due to frequent disagreements with my leaders for quite some time over their vision in sucking up the PAP government and its affiliated cronies:

Like this Sunday alone, Denise Phua will be coming for breakfast before the service to spew her PAP garbage for the church to rally behind the government’s failed policies.

Isn’t this very hypocritical since we are told not to meddle in affairs of the State but the government keeps manipulating our religions to suit their agenda? I also found out from my muslim friend that it is the same for them as all mosques are under the control of the PAP minister in “charge of muslim affairs”.

In this case, how different are we from Adolf Hitler’s “positive christianity” which some mega churches in singapore are actually propagating?

#seperationofstate&religion #doublestandards #religioushypocrisy

Benson Chia
A.S.S. Contributor

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