Parts of the ceiling of a Housing & Development Board (HDB) lift at Block 325A Sengkang East Way collapsed on her.

The girl, Chung Yan Ting, 10, had boarded the lift on the 4th floor of the block, which is linked to the multistorey car park. Her parents entered the lift first and saw a metal rod on the ground, but before they could react to the suspicious object, the ceiling caved in on them and hit his daughter.

Yan Ting ran out of the lift screaming, “Ah, my head got blood!”

She at first thought that the ceiling had caused her head to bleed, which dripped onto her foot. As it turned out, her foot had sustained the most serious injuries and was bleeding severely.

Yan Ting’s mother, Madam Saw Soh Peng, suffered a cut on her right arm.

The sound of the lift ceiling caving in and Yan Ting’s screams brought a neighbor, Mrs Mohini Panday, who helped supply the Chungs with tissue to soak up Yan Ting’s foot while they waited for an ambulance.

In recent years, lifts in HDB blocks have come under scrutiny after a series of mishaps that have resulted in death and injury. Last year, a woman fractured her spine after the lift she rode in shot up and down erratically twice in a Petir Road HDB block. In May, an elderly man died after he fell backwards and hit his head on the ground when reversing his mobility scooter out of a lift that had stopped 15cm above ground level.

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