I wanted to highlight that even though the morning peak period commute can be stressful, passengers should not take the stress out on others.

This Filipino woman boarded the train and started shouting and shoving away people to get to the middle of the train. Even though the middle was already full, she pushed away people just so she could stand near the middle pole. This is very uncivilized behaviour.

Then she rushed to sit once a seat became available, even though there was an elderly gentleman behind her. All the time muttering about how people are stupid and can’t make way for her.

This kind of selfish behaviour is reprehensible. Public transport is a shared commuting tool, if you stand the crowded trains then don’t take it during peak period. Don’t make others as miserable as you are.

**PS I know people should move to the middle of the train and sometimes they don’t. But the train was already very packed. This woman started pushing people aside so they all siam her.

ASS Contributor

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