After 1.5 weeks of so-called signalling trials, to which it has attributed as the cause of the daily peak hour disruptions, SMRT yesterday issued a post on its blog attempting to answer 7 burning questions of commuters.

One of these was why are the tests being carried out during peak hours.

SMRT’s answer was:

“As there are limited engineering hours each day (from 1.30am to 4.30am), it is not possible for us to accumulate adequate testing hours if we do not run the new signalling system during weekdays. The June school holidays present the best opportunity for us to do so.”

If you are wondering how this answers the question, you are not alone.

We are similarly puzzled how limited engineering hours from 1.30 am to 4.30 am means you have to test on weekdays, let alone during peak hours.
SMRT also claims that its trains sometimes may overshoot stations as:

“The new signalling system comes with various pre-set programmes to run and stop trains at various speeds. These pre-set programmes are being fine-tuned to suit different weather conditions. For example, the braking distance for a train arriving at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (aboveground) on a clear day, would differ from that required during a thunderstorm. Wet tracks would require a longer distance for trains to come to a stop.”

If the train overshoots, what fine-tuning is this?

Finally, we have one last question for SMRT:

Do the signalling trials also include testing of aircon and ventilation? If not, why are your stations like Orchard and trains so stuffy and warm on many occasions?

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