Women in Singapore have all the benefits of living in this country, but unlike men, they are not liable for conscription. So in effect, they have more rights for giving less to the country. NS is a policy that affects just men, but some women are very supportive of it. Here are who they are:

1. Cheating/Scheming girlfriends.

They support NS because they want to be free of their boyfriends. This is so they can open up their mouths for more penises while their boyfriend is in camp, or use it as an excuse to break up with them.

2. Bad Mothers.

There will always be some shitty mothers who either think that getting yelled at by uneducated enciks will make their son a man, or otherwise improve their character, even though that is the job of the parents. Then there are the lazy mothers who support NS because they want a 2 year ‘break’ from looking after their own sons. What a disgrace

3. Feminists/hypocrites.

Just watch this classic video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDto2JLbzoA). No other explanation is necessary.

4. Brainwashed sheep.

Some women support whatever policy or system is currently in place. They support NS simply because it exists, and think everything the government is doing is right, especially when they don’t have to personally pay the price.

5.Women with no sense of responsibility.

Ah, these are the women who love to talk about how lucky they are to be in a country that has a strong national defense, but are even happier that they don’t have to be personally responsible for ensuring it. These are usually the same type of women who expect the rest of the world to do what is right, while they will personally only do what is easy.

A.S.S. Contributor

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