I was at the Redhill Hawker Centre on the 7th June 2017, at around 12pm when I saw this weird sight of 3 long umbrellas laid out on a big round table for 6 people to chope it.

Imagine you are queueing to buy food and after your get your food no tables are available for you because those who came later than you chopped them all. Where do you sit with your food in your hands?

After waiting for a few minutes and hearing the stall owners complain about such bad behaviour, I decided to take a photo of this incident. Understand from the hawkers there that NEA officers sometimes tell such people off and give them verbal warnings.

Such chopping behaviour must be stopped. It is selfish and inconsiderate. Anyway after waiting, 3 ladies appeared each taking back their umbrella. Chopped 6 seats for 3 persons? That table could have provided space for another 3 diners. These ladies should take a look at themselves in the mirror and learn to improve their attitude. NEA should also make it illegal to chope seats with objects. If you cannot wait for the others in your group, please don’t eat together.

A.S.S. Contributor

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