Dear Editors,

I guess everyone have been warned that there will be more train disruptions coming up as they need to test signal during the peak hours too. The reason they are doing this in June is because there many typical Singaproeans that will overseas during this period and all commuter ought to understand this.

A temporary inconvenience is essential for long term convenience it’s better to disrupt or even close the entire system now than during school term days.

Now, I understand that during disruption is extremely difficult to get a taxi and grab and uber will surge, please understand that everyone wants to get home quickly and needs a cab, so those that are not in the bad rush, like students, singles and army boys please take the bus so that they don’t add on to the surge. And of course, smart people will ask around and gather people going to a same location and carpool, so that even if uber and grab surges, the fare is divided out! For example, if the fare from Jurong East to Woodlands is $48, would you pau $48 all by yourself or find another 3 more people to carpool? If so, each only pay $12! And $12 from Jurong East to Woodlands is very cheap!

So please, stop complaining about train disruptions and move on, be positive.

Before I end off, I urge personal car owners and taxi drivers not to be calculative, sometimes just do a good deed and help them rather than being so selfish.

A.S.S. Contributor

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