Assaulted in Melbourne CBD

Two Fridays ago, around 1.00am , my husband and I got assaulted in Melbourne near Swanston Street. It was Little Lonsdale St between QV building and the State Library – a popular street right in the heart of Melbourne CBD. My husband and I had just parted ways with our friends at Swanston and Little Lonsdale, as our friends made their way back to their hotel accommodation along Swanston Street towards Bourke Street, we made our way up Little Lonsdale where we had parked our car.

We had just walked into Little Lonsdale when we could hear a couple quarrelling rather loudly and angrily by the wall of the state library. My husband also said to me in mandarin, don’t look, keep walking. As the walkway was a little narrow I walked in front of my husband, soon after I could hear footsteps , approaching behind, the girl asked could i have a cigarette , my husband said , “sorry he doesn’t have any”, then she ran up to me, pulled my shoulder and said “what you looking at”, before I had time to react or say anything she punched me on my mouth, I was stunned, then she threw me another punch, next thing I knew I was on the ground on my side and she was going crazy kicking and stamping on my head, I remember saying “why why are u doing this? What did we do?” And she just went on stamping and kicking with all her might.

When she threw the first punch before I fell to the ground, my husband was shocked and ask the male who had just caught up, “what’s wrong with ur Girlfriend?” (thinking that the guy was normal) and the guy punched my husband in the nose, and started hitting my husband, my husband defended himself and tried to pull the crazy girl off me.

I somehow managed to scramble up and ran across the small lane to QV side , and started screaming, help us please someone help us, a dump truck worker was slowly cautiously towards my husband and the couple , unsure as to what was going on, but seeing blood on my husband and my face.

Upon hearing my screams my husband turned and and saw the dump truck guy and ran towards him away from the couple.

My husband and I called our friends that we had just splitted ways with and they came running, the kind dump truck guy, my husband and I then saw QV security guards and waved for them to come over, the guards say they can’t do anything because it wasn’t on QV property, but they stood with us and helped us call the police. They said that there were a lot of these African youngsters that hang out in outside the State Library, and a lot of this sort of cases that have been happening over the pass 6 months. The kind dump truck guy got us to take him number and name , and told us to contact him if we needed any help in verification etc he then left,

After waiting for an hour and still no police, we went down to the QV toilet to wash the blood off, when we came out of the toilet, we bumped into a middle eastern couple, who had blood stains on her white shirt. They said they were assaulted by a bunch of African youngsters, outside Unilodge on Swanston St, they just started hitting her and then stole her phone after. They said there were apparently 20 of them going around the city assaulting and attacking people.

But the weird thing about the couple that had attacked my husband and I, it didn’t seem like they wanted to rob us at all, it just seemed to me like they were on drugs and crazy with anger.

After waiting 90 min for the police to arrive, my husband and I were separated to give our statements individually, i gave mine to the policeman, my husband to the policewoman, after hearing our stories, they said the likelihood of catching the couple was slim, even if they caught them they would have to let them go because they weren’t using weapons, I found that absurd, since I was on the ground defenceless, yet the girl was still going at me stamping and kicking my head at full force.

The police did not seem very keen on us making a report, maybe there’s too many of the same cases happening, we still asked for a report in case we needed to claim insurance for medical checks etc, and they assured us to email that to us by that night itself. Till today, neither my husband nor myself ever received that email for our separate statements from the police.

I had previously lived in Melbourne for 9 years, I have always felt safe walking around Melbourne City up till this last trip. I wanted to share this story with friends and family that live or may visit Melbourne to please be careful, if need to walk at night, try to walk through shopping centres or QV building where there’s security and cameras instead of on the street, or places with more people.

Facebook post by Loris N

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