Hi All Singapore Stuff,

I’m Lizzie, an Art History researcher from Singapore who’s finally made the decision to further my studies. SOAS, London has offered me a place to do an MA in Southeast Asian Studies later this year. I need some help though, as you know, school fees are a major challenge to a foreign student studying in the UK, and I’ll be trying to support myself…

…Which is why I’m invoking the power of the interwebs to crowdfund £12,000, which is the last quarter of the amount I need. As part of my crowdfunding campaign, Let Lizzie Learn, I’m also going on a budget challenge to save as much money as possible before school starts. The premise is to live on S$50 a week, for 4 weeks, including food, transport, and other small expenses.

The crowdfunding, and my budget challenge, was launched just this week, but I could really use some help in getting the word out there about my cause. Art in our region really tells a lot about our history, and how Southeast Asia has been shaped by so many global events. I hope raise awareness about all this in the future which is why I need to pursue this degree.

I only have about a month left, so really hope that this project might interest you to do a feature on my story.

Elizabethe Er (Lizzie)
Instagram: @letlizzielearn
FB: http://bit.ly/2qW8H4J

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