Dear A.S.S. Editor

Just want to share my encounter with AMK Town Council (Ave 10) after moving into this estate. Hopefully, it’ll create a constructive discussion among the AMK residents about their work ethics and efficiency.

There’re quite a few defects (lift, lighting, litter, leaking, safety issues) around the matured vicinity and i’ll normally use the [email protected] app to capture a pic and report the issue to AMK TC. Their replies via the app are always lightning fast, often with a template reply, then they’ll close the incident report marked as completed w/o any further updates. Well, as you expected, defects aren’t rectified after days or even weeks have passed despite repeated reports via the app. It seems the app is purely a tool for them to hit their KPI by closing incident reports w/o rectifying them.

Even the upgrading project done by contractors was sub-par but somehow, AMK TC could choose to close eyes in clearing their works. Have you ever seen APCC coating at void deck with multiple hair-line cracks on the surface but workers using cement to do patch works all over the place? From far, it’d seem like a masterpiece artwork from a 3 y-o child. Painting-wise, pretty much substandard too with poor texture & fonts. We didn’t even get to choose the colour schemes too which I was told that it’s a compulsory practice for contractors to hold a voting exercise. If you own a construction firm, it’s best to bid for upgrading projects under them as i’m confident that their staff are super lenient & red-tapes can be bypassed.

Providing suggestions to them can often be a frustrating experience too. Their template reply is to inform property team then that’s the end of story. Sometimes, instinctively, they’ll “help” to forward the suggestion to another agency, meaning that “it’s not our business & please don’t disturb us further.” If your suggestion got transferred to them via another agency, most likely you won’t get any updates too.

End of the day, their role is solely to maintain and improve the amenities of the estate. If they can’t even repair a defect despite repeated reminders, then they’ve failed in their responsibilities. Even more so for safety issues which aren’t rectified due to their laissez-faire attitude.

This Chinese saying is pretty apt in a way: 上梁不正,下梁歪. (direct translation: top not-straight, bottom crooked). With over 180K AMK residents & 1.3K likes on their AMK TC FB page, I guess anyone can have an inkling of how well-liked they are. You can read the residents’ post on their FB page too & gauge for yourself how efficient they are. A sure-win GRC may not face the stress of other contentious wards but certainly, it doesn’t mean you can be cut off the slack. I do hope they could walk the ground more often and check for defects instead of relying on residents’ feedback.

AMK fed-up Resident

A.S.S. Contributor

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