Singapore’s most hated netizen, Thomas Chua Poh Heng, 39, has been arrested at local icon Mustafa Center for shopliftiing, a police statement confirmed.

Chua was seen behaving suspiciously by the shopping center’s in-house security guards in the early hours of Sunday morning. When the guards did a spot check on him outside the store, they found an unpaid item on him. He was detained and the police were called in.

He was arrested by the police at 5.37AM and is currently out on bail.

The incident comes after his rise to infamy over his sickening posts gloating about the death of a traffic police officer on duty.

In light of the online saga surrounding Chua, reporters have found that Chua has committed multiple traffic offences previously, but none of the tickets issued to him were given by the late SSG Nadzrie.

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