Dear A.S.S. Editor

Whoever wrote the words “terrorist” on the murals of the unfinished MRT Station at Marine Parade over the picture of a woman in Hijab certainly needs to have his head examined. Such blatant act of anti-Muslim sentiment has no place in a multi racial and multi-religious Singapore.

The police are already investigating this vile act of vandalism. LTA indicated that the contractor for the MRT station made a police report on Friday afternoon, soon after this was spotted. It is believed that the word was scrawled on a piece of paper with an adhesive back and stuck on the hijab area.

At a time where religious tensions are on the increase the world over, we certainly do not need one idiot to espouse anti-Muslim views, or in fact, any other anti religion sentiments. This will not help keep the peace, even if the vandal thinks he is doing it for fun and to get famous online. The police need to arrest the vandal soon, and make sure that he gets the full treatment of the law. In Singapore, we do not tolerate hate against race and religion.

Siti Nabilah

A.S.S. Contributor

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