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Every time the month of Ramadan comes along, we hear or read of stories of needy families being given help by some association or another. The most recent ones are the help granted to about 575 needy families by the Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore.

A total of $209,000 were given in the form of cash and vouchers. This works out to about $255 for each family, as well as $110 in FairPrice vouchers, as well as a sponsored goody bag containing meat and other food items. This is of course, something that these needy families can look forward to, as it will help them financially for a while.

But is this enough? The financial aid might help them tide over for a few weeks, but after that, then how? And why is it that the number of the needy have increased, form slightly under 200 a decade ago, to almost 600 now? Has this part of the society been left far behind, placed in a deeper hole year after year, as prices go up, but their source of income sees no change? we remember these group of people only in the month of Ramadan, but what about the next 11 months? Are they left to fend for themselves again?

And will the numbers keep growing, while the current needy families still cannot dig their way of the rut they are in? Singapore have many needy families, struggling to survive. Most of us choose to look the other way.

Nurul Aini

A.S.S. Contributor

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