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A restaurant on SAFRA Toa Payoh has been suspended for two weeks by the National Environment Agency (NEA), for selling expired pre-packed food and failing to keep its premises free of rodent infestation. the restaurant was named as Tim Palace, a Chinese restaurant which prides itself in serving fine Chinese food.

A notice on NEA website confirmed that the restaurant will be suspended from 5 June to 18 June. Three violations were cited, which were failure to keep its premises clean, failure to keep its premises free of rodent infestations, selling pre-packed food past their expiry date. However, a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page indicated that they will be “closed for renovations” and will resume business on 19 June.

Now that NEA has confirmed they have actually had their licence suspended for that two weeks period, not sure if the restaurant will be upfront to their customers on the actual reason of their closure.

Timothy Goh

A.S.S. Contributor

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