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Singapore is fast becoming a haven for perverts! Yet another one is making the news today. Today’s media reports that a guest relations officer at the Amara Sanctuary Resort have been sentenced to six weeks in jail after he pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and insulting a woman’s modesty.

He had abused his position as a hotel staff when he committed an offence of snapping nude photographs of a teenage guest while she was changing in a toilet cubicle. The 19-year-old tourist, who was staying at the hotel located at Larkhill Road in Sentosa, had entered a toilet at the lobby at around 3.30pm on Jan 20, 2015 to change into her swimwear. Kenneth Ho Weixian, who was on duty, spotted the teenager and followed her into the toilet to snap her pictures with his mobile phone. After the teenager undressed, she noticed his hand holding the phone from the gap between between the bottom of the cubicle door and the floor. He managed to snap about five pictures of her in the nude before she screamed, causing him to withdraw his hand.

She managed to catch him after putting on her clothes, as Ho had ran into the handicapped toilet to hide and delete the incriminating photographs. He was caught when he stepped out. Why are there now so many cases of these outrage of modesty? Can we blame it on technology, which allows everyone to carry a camera in their pockets, or on the individual, who thinks nothing of committing a crime of outraging a woman’s modesty?

Cheryl Peh

A.S.S. Contributor

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