The family member of one of the victims from a serious accident at Woodlands involving 2 lorries and 2 family cars has stepped forward to tell what happened.
According to the netizen, the driver of lorry YM9217T, which was ferrying a group of foreign workers to their destination, crashed into 3 of her friends' vehicles, 2 cars and 1 lorry. 
All 3 of the vehicles were stationary by the road side, with some of her friends sitting by the edge of the stationary lorry and chatting. They had just finished their Sahur at Al-Ameen, Woodlands.
The crash injured 6 of her friends, including 2 young children and 4 adults. 
What she eventually discovered was that the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, which caused the accident.
A video of the aftermath of the accident has also been posted online.

Read her account here.
"YM9217T (DRIVER WAS SLEEPING) driving a lorry with foreign workers CRASHED 3 of my friend's vehicles 2 cars & 1 lorry. All 3 of our vehicles we STATIONARY at the roadside. Some were sitting at the edge of the lorry talking to some of us outside the lorry. 5-6 casualties (2 young kids and 4 adults) PLS GUYS DONT DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPY! 
It's heartbreaking guys. Pls……..
Time of Accident: 5.55am
Right after our Sahur @ Al-Ameen Woodlands 
Pls pray for them"
Nur'Ain Rosman

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