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First, there was the case of four drunk Singaporean who trashed a porridge eatery in Upper Serangoon, just because they felt the bill was too high. Of course, being drunk contributed to their mindless actions.

Now, another drunk Singaporean is making all the wrong news, but this time all the way in Hong Kong. Apparently, a Singaporean man was arrested in HK for assaulting a police officer over the weekend. He had reportedly created a ruckus at the taxi queue near the popular watering hole of Lan Kwai Fong. He had left the the area with a woman, and had jumped the taxi queue at Wellington Street.

HK Police intervened when an argument started between the man and the people at the taxi queue. The female companion immediately left, but the 47 year old continued to yell at the officers and shoved one of them to the ground. He was eventually arrested.

The drunk man is now being investigated for a case of assault on the police. Drunken Singaporean man behaving badly, even as far away in HK. Bet he regrets that drink or two now. No reports as to what happened to his female companion.

Dominic Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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