A popular local cat welfare center has been criticized for naming and shaming a mother and daughter pair after they returned a kitten which developed diarrhea.
According to the center, the adopters had taken a kitten home but returned her to the center after 5 days. The cat developed diarrhea when she was taken to her new home and was taken to vet on the 2nd day.
Doctors prescribed the cat 5 days of medication and told the adopters to bring the cat back for a test on the 5th day. The adopters never returned to the vet.
Being unsure of what to do, they locked the kitten in the bathroom for 4 more days before finally bringing the cat back to the Cat Musuem. It was later revealed that Cat Museum staff had advised the family to keep the cat in the bathroom during her diarrhea phase, although the staff were adamant that the couple were being irresponsible for denying medical care to the kitten for 4 days before they finally decided enough was enough, and returned the cat to the center.
The Cat Museum Singapore has since posted the adopters' faces, names and address on Facebook in a name and shame post.
Read their post here.

Although most netizens agreed that with The Cat Museum's actions, some netizens voiced displeasure with their actions.
One netizen wrote: "Dear cat museum, the adopter may not be at their best with handling their adopted kitten, however, I find your handling of this situation wanting. For a lack of better word, unprofessional. You are a charitable organization representing the public and you should not be engage in public shaming of what you deemed irresponsible of other people. I donate to your organization and I expected more of you."

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