So ever wonder why when people bring up discussions about race they get annoyed whenever people say #NotAllChinese but when there is a terrorist attack you see the #NotAllMuslims hashtag?

This #NotAllChinese usually appears when someone brings up cases about Chinese racism. People will say not all Chinese are like that.

When theres a terrorist attack people will start #NotAllMuslims because right after a terrorist attack, people will say all muslims are terrorist.

This may look like hypocrisy and just SJW inconsistency, but the crucial key to understanding the difference is privilege.

In a Singapore specific context when minority races talk about racism and their own experience the act of saying #NotAlChinese detracts from the discussion, yes we are aware that not all Chinese are willfully racist and some even try to not be casually racist, but we should listen and not devalue when the minority races speaks up about it. People who are casually racist may learn something new and be more understanding, getting offended and saying #NotAllChinese may seem like a good point to bring up but i am sure most minorities know that not all Chinese are racist but the racist ones are enough.

Not all Chinese people refuse to rent their house to indians but we have enough of them that housing rental ads are full of “NO INDIAN” and not all Chinese people refuse to hire Indians but there enough ads that subtly include “Chinese speaking preferred”.

Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorism, aside from the first hand bombings, murders and rape happening in the middle east they also have to deal with the racism and hate towards directed towards them just because terrorist in another country are killing people.

Majority of the world’s Muslims are peaceful.

When it comes to #NotAllMuslims lets just do a comparison how many Muslims in Singapore are willful terrorist? or even casual terrorist? i bet that you will meet more Chinese people who are racist or casually racist than you will meet a Muslim terrorist, in fact has any of you met a Muslim terrorist in Singapore?

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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