I was so tired after a long day at work wanting to head home, then there comes an MRT disruption. The whole place was in chaos.

So decided to book grab, I was shocked to see grab’s fare from Jurong East to Woodlands was a whopping $55! So nevermind, tried to book standard taxi, not even a single driver accepted it! And worse still, when I use ComfortDelGro app, no taxis either! I thought comfort taxis not joining Grab so they got no choice?

Tried uber again the surge was 3x, so of course I am not willing to pay, then I requested for Grabhitch and RYDE, no cars either! Come on, it’s 7.30pm and you tell me no one knocks off from work at that time? Or are these Grabhitch or RYDE drivers came to a deal with the grab, uber and taxi drivers?

As for grab and uber, can they please not surge when MRT services down? They are causing more inconvenience to commuters! Because of surge, nobody books a ride but these drivers all camping at one spot causing more confessions and delays. Grab and uber must be public service orientated and not money orientated! Get it? Grab and uber, you have lots of explanation to do to these affected passengers.

And also for grab and RYDE, can you please take tough actions against Grab hitch drivers who ignore Grabhitch requests when such exigencies takes place?

A.S.S. Contributor

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